How to Stream Music to Multiple Speakers Using Bluetooth Audio Receivers

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If you have ever looked for some Bluetooth speakers, you may have noticed that almost all speakers are single units. That means that you can stream from your device only to a signal speaker. However, a signal speaker cannot reproduce stereo sound very well. Therefore, having multiple speakers is much better than having a single speaker in many situations.

In order to stream to multiple speakers, one approach is to use Bluetooth receivers. They are several manufacturers of these receivers. For example, Logitech makes some fairly well-known models. Also, Bluetooth receivers from Amphony offer the advantage of integrating a power amplifier into the same unit. Let’s start by discussing how you can stream to multiple speakers.

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All Bluetooth audio receivers on the market have to outputs. One output is for the left and one output for …

How Much Range to Wireless Speakers Have?

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The wireless range is an important factor when considering to purchase a pair of wireless speakers. Let me explain why the range is limited and also how to properly read the specifications which are published by manufacturers of loudspeakers. I strongly recommend that you read on because otherwise you might find out that the speakers you purchase are not suitable for your application.

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The operating range of wireless speakers from is limited because the signal that is sent by the transmitting device is radiated into each direction. As a result, the signal becomes weaker as the distance from the transmitter increases. This is similar to radio towers. When you travel in your car listening to an FM radio, you will notice that as you drive away from a radio transmitter, reception becomes spotty as the distance increases and eventually …

A Glance at Some New Tech Gadgets

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I personally like playing with new gadgets. I must admit, there is still a child within me. Fortunately, I’m now able to afford a lot more stuff than I was when I was young. However, my curiosity about technology related products is still pretty strong. I am always fascinated when companies introduce new products. I’m particularly interested in everything related to computers and mobile devices. I think these types of products have still huge potential for new developments.

Aside from those products, I’m also interested in audio products. I do like high-quality loudspeakers and blue-ray players. However, these products are merely being refined. There aren’t any huge breakthroughs anymore unlike products in the computer sector. However, every once in a while there are some very unique products which I never have thought might exist. I like to visit the CES …

How to Become Computer Literate

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Chances are that you would like to use a computer to write a book or to simplify your life. However, after having started up the computer, you probably have gotten frustrated at some point because something didn’t work as you would expect. However, there’s no reason to throw your hands up in the air and give up. I will offer some tips for making it easier to use your computer.

Developers of operating systems are trying to simplify the use of computer. The user interface is usually pretty much the same between different applications. However, there are differences. For example, Microsoft has recently introduced the ribbon interface for their Microsoft office product. This interface is designed to be easy to use than the traditional pulldown menu. However, previous versions and many other applications do not use the same user interface. Therefore, there’s …